Worcestershire Record No. 20 April 2007 p. 26


John Clarke

Hawfinches - first seen at our bird table 21st January 2006, then two seen 23rd. We rarely saw more than one bird at a time but have clearly seen a male male and another female. They visit the bird table several times a day, feeding on black sunflower seeds. They eat perhaps 10-15 at one sitting then sometimes fly to the bird bath for a drink before disappearing up into a dense Yew. They must be around waiting for food because they often arrive very soon after I put the food out (in dishes). Occasionally, one will try to land on a peanut feeder but never succeeds. Still visiting at time of writing (1st April). (Later note - pair of Hawfinches on table etc regularly this morning 9th April after an absence of five days!

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