Worcestershire Record No. 20 April 2007 p. 32


Harry Green, BTO Regional Representative for Worcestershire.

01386 710377 zen130501@zen.co.uk

In defining the zones covered by Regional Representatives BTO follows the national grid 10 km square boundaries. BTO Worcestershire now contains 18 squares as follows: SO66, SO74. SO75, SO76, SO77, SO83, SO84, SO85, SO86, SO87, SO93, SO94, SO95, SO96, SO97, SP04, SP05, SP06


This is perhaps the most important of BTO surveys because the data collected forms the basis for following changes in breeding bird populations on the national scale. Whenever you see such changes quoted they are derived from BBS data. The survey is based on transect counts continued from year to year in randomly selected 1x1 km squares. Following a recent increase there are now 72 such squares in BTO Worcestershire. Many of those squares selected at the start of BBS have been covered by the same observers for many years. Nevertheless some surveyors are unable to continue for many different reasons and I am always keen to hear from anyone wishing to start. The survey is based on plotting two survey transects of 1 km within the 1 km square. Each year these are followed twice once between early April and mid May, and again between mid May and late June. Birds recorded on forms. A record of habitat is also required. Surveyors are supplied with full instructions and forms. Following the survey the data can be submitted on-line or through paper versions via me.

Of the 72 squares all but seven are being surveyed in 2006 a record number! Very many thanks to all the surveyors.

Squares without surveyors to date are: SO6362, SO8853, SO9273, SO9873, SP0368, SP0466, SP0750.
If any reader is interested in surveying any of these squares please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

THE NEW NEW ATLAS 2007-2011.

Pilot work for this great project has started. The aim is to map the distributions of both breeding and wintering birds over the five year period. Pilot work for the winter part of the Atlas has been in hand during the past winter. In Worcestershire SO86 has been the trial square. Detailed timed counts have been made on two visits to each of the 25 tetrads (4x4km squares) and these are to be compared with bird lists prepared by Roving Recorders. Analysis of the data will help develop the field work methods for the main survey.

Pilot recorders were Dave Scott and Steve Davies who undertook the timed counts, and Andy Warr and Gavin Peplow who have been Roving Recorders. Very many thanks to them for their help.


All the maps for the 2006 season of the Scarce Woodland Bird Survey have now been sent out directly to observers. Observers should return completed forms and maps to me as Regional Rep as soon as you can after completing the survey.


Plans are in hand for a Winter Golden Plover and Lapwing Survey in 2006/07. This follows a successful pilot last winter. The survey will take place from October 2006 to February 2007 and will involve coverage of random tetrads and key known sites.


It is anticipated that in 2007, the last summer before the Atlas, there will be breeding surveys of ringed plover, little ringed plover, great crested grebe and possibly little grebe.


The national Woodlark Survey is now well underway despite the cold spring which has suppressed singing at most sites. This survey does not include Worcestershire as we do not have breeding woodlark as far as we know. Nevertheless BTO are keen to receive casual records or records from other than core sites. BTO have already received reports of Woodlark from over 20 new sites and expect the same situation to occur with Dartford Warblers later in the spring. A casual records form is available from the BTO website: http://www.bto.org/survey/special/dartford_woodlark.htm

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