Worcestershire Record No. 19 November 2005 p. 13


29th June 2005

From Will Watson

I have a great quote from the landlady of the Jazz cafe in Leominster: buzzards took my bantams! She lives just to the east of Leominster off the A44 and reported that buzzards took all her bantams. I asked her if she actually saw them take them and she said Oh yes! They nest on my land However, thankfully, they didn't get my chickens - they're too big!

From Garth Lowe

I seem to remember Harry some chat about the above. I came back from Malvern yesterday and just this side of Leigh Sinton I passed a roadside buzzard sitting on a pheasant carcase. The odd thing was it didn't move as I passed by slowly in the car. I have had the odd one before that appeared to be roadside scavenging, but not had one as positive as this before. It was an odd sight on coming round the corner towards the two objects trying to work out what I was seeing at first glance.

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