Worcestershire Record No. 17 November 2004 p. 7


By now you must be fed up with requests for mammal records! But we still need records lots of records! Following the original plan the survey has another year or two to run and there are lots of gaps to be filled. Please record all those dead rabbits (and other mammals) on the roads; send us the mammalian offerings brought in by the cat if you are not sure of their identity; send us owl pellets; pictures of corpses if you are not sure what they are, locations of badger setts; records of fresh mole hills!

Most of all keep filling in the forms and sending the records in. We have received a lot of records and although there is a bit of a backlog they are being steadily entered onto the WBRC database.

We have received so few records of House Mouse we are beginning to wonder if its an endangered species. Many people have mice entering houses or garden sheds but they always seem to be Wood Mice or Yellow-necked mice. Please keep a look out for old-fashioned House Mice.

Bat records are also valuable if you find a colony remember they are protected by law. The local bat group is very active. Contact Ed Leszczynski on 01905 754909 or 07989 241360.

Its also important to record deer as they seem to spreading and increasing in numbers throughout the county.

In fact, its important to record every mammal or mammal sign you see!

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