Mark Lawley

The list of bryophytes recorded from Lower Sapey follows. All the records are from VC 37. Microlejeunea ulicina on the trunk of a Small-leaved Lime and fruiting Didymodon spadiceus from a steep soil bank are both second vice-county records. I am sure that more species could be added to this list, which should not be regarded as anywhere near exhaustive for the site.

SITE: Lower Sapey - dingle and environs

GRID REFERENCE: SO 699602 to 703600, to 697608, to 701599, to 703600

DATE: August 7th, 2004

RECORDER: Mark Lawley



Chiloscyphus polyanthos

(L.) Corda

St Winifrid's Moss

Conocephalum conicum

(L.) Dumort.

Great Scented Liverwort

Frullania dilatata

(L.) Dumort.

Dilated Scalewort

Jungermannia atrovirens


Dark-green Flapwort

Leiocolea turbinata

(Raddi) H.Buch

Top Notchwort

Lejeunea cavifolia

(Ehrh.) Lindb.

Micheli's Least Pouncewort

Lophocolea bidentata

(L.) Dumort.

Bifid Crestwort

Lunularia cruciata

(L.) Dumort. ex Lindb.

Crescent-cup Liverwort

Metzgeria furcata

(L.) Dumort.

Forked Veilwort

Microlejeunea ulicina 2nd VC37 rec

(Taylor) A.Evans

Fairy Beads

Pellia endiviifolia

(Dicks.) Dumort.

Endive Pellia

Pellia epiphylla

(L.) Corda

Overleaf Pellia

Plagiochila asplenioides

(L.) Dumort.

Greater Featherwort

Plagiochila porelloides

(Torr. ex Nees) Lindenb.

Lesser Featherwort

Porella platyphylla

(L.) Pfeiff.

Wall Scalewort

Radula complanata

(L.) Dumort.

Even Scalewort




Amblystegium serpens

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Creeping Feather-moss

Amblystegium tenax

(Hedw.) C.E.O.Jensen

Fountain Feather-moss

Anomodon viticulosus

(Hedw.) Hook. & Taylor

Rambling Tail-moss

Atrichum undulatum

(Hedw.) P.Beauv.

Common Smoothcap

Barbula convoluta


Lesser Bird's-claw Beard-moss

Barbula unguiculata


Bird's-claw Beard-moss

Brachythecium rivulare

Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

River Feather-moss

Brachythecium rutabulum

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Rough-stalked Feather-moss

Bryum argenteum



Bryum bicolor


Bicoloured Bryum

Bryum capillare


Capillary Thread-moss

Bryum rubens


Crimson-tuber Thread-moss

Calliergonella cuspidata

(Hedw.) Loeske

Pointed Spear-moss

Ceratodon purpureus

(Hedw.) Brid.


Climacium dendroides

(Hedw.) F.Weber & D.Mohr


Cratoneuron filicinum

(Hedw.) Spruce

Fern-leaved Hook-moss

Cryphaea heteromalla

(Hedw.) D.Mohr

Lateral Cryphaea

Dichodontium pellucidum

(Hedw.) Schimp.

Transparent Fork-moss

Didymodon insulanus

(De Not.) M.O.Hill

Cylindric Beard-moss

Didymodon sinuosus

(Mitt.) Delogne

Wavy Beard-moss

Didymodon spadiceus

(Mitt.) Limpr.

Brown Beard-moss

Didymodon tophaceus

(Brid.) Lisa

Olive Beard-moss

Eucladium verticillatum

(Brid.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Whorled Tufa-moss

Eurhynchium hians

(Hedw.) Sande Lac.

Swartz's Feather-moss

Eurhynchium praelongum

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Common Feather-moss

Eurhynchium striatum

(Hedw.) Schimp.

Common Striated Feather-moss

Fissidens crassipes

Wilson ex Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Fatfoot Pocket-moss

Fissidens pusillus

(Wilson) Milde

Petty Pocket-moss

Fissidens taxifolius


Common Pocket-moss

Grimmia pulvinata


Grey-cushioned Grimmia

Homalothecium sericeum

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Silky Wall Feather-moss

Hygrohypnum luridum

(Hedw.) Jenn.

Drab Brook-moss

Hypnum cupressiforme


Cypress-leaved Plait-moss

Hypnum resupinatum


Supine Plait-moss

Isothecium myosuroides


Slender Mouse-tail Moss

Leptodictyum riparium

(Hedw.) Warnst.

Kneiff's Feather-moss

Mnium hornum


Swan's-neck Thyme-moss

Neckera complanata

(Hedw.) Huebener

Flat Neckera

Orthotrichum affine


Wood Bristle-moss

Palustriella commutata var. falcata

(Brid.) Ochyra

Claw-leaved Hook-moss

Plagiomnium undulatum

(Hedw.) T.J.Kop.

Hart's-tongue Thyme-moss

Plagiothecium nemorale

(Mitt.) A.Jaeger

Woodsy Silk-moss

Pohlia melanodon

(Brid.) A.J.Shaw

Pink-fruited Thread-moss

Rhizomnium punctatum

(Hedw.) T.J.Kop.

Dotted Thyme-moss

Rhynchostegiella tenella

(Dicks.) Limpr.

Tender Feather-moss

Rhynchostegiella teneriffae

(Mont.) Dirkse & Bouman

Teesdale Feather-moss

Rhynchostegium confertum

(Dicks.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Clustered Feather-moss

Rhynchostegium murale

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Wall Feather-moss

Rhynchostegium riparioides

(Hedw.) Cardot

Long-beaked Water Feather-moss

Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus

(Hedw.) Warnst.

Springy Turf-moss

Schistidium apocarpum s.l.

(Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

Sessile Grimmia

Scleropodium cespitans

(Müll.Hal.) L.F.Koch

Tufted Feather-moss

Scleropodium purum

(Hedw.) Limpr.

Neat Feather-moss

Thamnobryum alopecurum

(Hedw.) Gangulee

Fox-tail Feather-moss

Thuidium tamariscinum

(Hedw.) Bruch, Schimp. & W.Gümbel

Common Tamarisk-moss

Tortula muralis var. muralis


Wall Screw-moss

Tortula truncata

(Hedw.) Mitt.

Common Pottia

Ulota crispa

(Hedw.) Brid.

Crisped Pincushion