Worcestershire Record No. 16 April 2004 p. 20


Rosemary Winnall

The Wyre Forest Study Group is very active in and around the forest. With the designation of the Wyre Prime Biodiversity Area, biological recording by the group becomes even more important as we try to find out what is present, what the trends are and where possible to pass information to woodland managers.

During 2004 we shall be welcoming the following national organisations to Wyre, and look forward to obtaining records as a result of their visits British Bryological Society, British Conchological Society, British Plant Gall Society. Dr Jenny Joy (Regional Officer for Butterfly Conservation) has set up a Wyre Butterfly Forum with English Nature, the Forestry Commission, and the Study Group to look at the distribution and status of some of the rarer moths and butterflies in Wyre and to develop a management strategy for their protection.

The Study Group is contracted to English Nature during 2004 to conduct an Orchard Survey. With the permission of the owner of Bowcastle Farm, Tanners Hill, Dr Cedric Quayle, the group is making regular visits to his three orchards adjoining the forest, to record as many different species as possible. This is an exciting opportunity to amass information that has not been collected before. It will provide English Nature with invaluable information, and hopefully assist in the conservation of orchards in the future.

On-going studies in Wyre include the following: adders (Sylvia Sheldon), dormice (Phil Rudlin), Narrow-leaved Helleborine (Rosemary Winnall), Common Fan-foot moth (Dave Grundy), Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Jenny Joy), Breeding Bird Surveys (Jim Martin, Rosemary Winnall), moths (Wyre Forest Moth Group), butterfly transects (Frank and Pat Lancaster, Terry Higgins), frogspawn counts (Sylvia Sheldon, Phil Rudlin, Rosemary Winnall).

The Study Group produces a colour Review each year of articles, records and photographs. Articles linked to Wyre (current or historical) are always welcomed!

For more details about the group contact:
Rosemary Winnall 01299 266489


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