Worcestershire Record No. 16 April 2004 pp. 32-33


Kevin McGee


Chrysolina brunsvicensis (Chrysomelidae). Local. One found on low pathside vegetation at Tiddesley Wood on 20.9.2003. My only other record for the species is from the same site on exactly the same date in 1998!

Thanasimus formicarius (Cleridae). Local. The Ant-Beetle. I was very surprised to find one active on an Oak trunk at Mill Rough, Drakes Broughton, the first I have seen here. Even more surprising was the late date of 1.11.2003. I have 17 other records, all of them fall between May & mid July. The photograph shown was taken at Tiddesley Wood on 29.5.1999.

Thanasimus formicarius. Photo; K.McGee. Endomychus coccineus. Photo; K.McGee.

Endomychus coccineus (Endomychidae). Local. The Ladybird Beetle. Four were under the bark of a hybrid Poplar log at the above site on 14.12.2003. The photograph shown was taken of one inside a dead Willow at Tiddesley Wood on 21.3.1999.

Orchesia undulata (Melandryidae). Local. Two were found under bark of an Oak log at Tiddesley Wood on 18.11.2003.

Carabus granulatus (Carabidae). Local. The only place I had ever found this species was Tiddesley Wood, so I was pleased to find three inside a rotting hybrid Poplar log near the river Avon at Nafford, (adjacent to the Gwen Finch reserve). The date was 30.11.2003.

Metopsia clypeata (Staphylinidae). Local. One collected from under an old fence-post at Drakes Broughton Orchard on 8.11.2003. Confirmed by PF Whitehead.

Astenus immaculatus (Staphylinidae). Notable. One collected from under fallen Victoria Plum bark at Drakes Broughton Orchard on 14.2.2004. Confirmed by PF Whitehead.

Anthicus antherinus (Anthicidae). Local. One collected from grass/leaf litter at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, on 15.2.2004. Confirmed by PF Whitehead.

Hemiptera; Heteroptera.

Legnotus limbosus (Cydnidae). Common. One found under a stone at Mill Rough, Drakes Broughton, on 7.2.2004. Although having a national status of ‘common’ it becomes more infrequent towards the midlands, but it is a species thought to be expanding its range. Mainly associated with Goosegrass & Bedstraw in the southern counties.

Reduvius personatus (Reduviidae). Synanthropic. Fly Bug. This large and conspicuous bug is thought to be widespread in Britain but records are thinly scattered. It is considered “a county rarity in Warwickshire”, according to the Provisional Atlas of the true bugs of Warwickshire by John M.Price, 1997. It is a predacious bug, associated mainly with houses and outbuildings, feeding on booklice and silverfish amongst others. I found a dead specimen where I work at Royal Worcester. The factory, which makes bone china, is situated in the centre of the city of Worcester and much of it comprises of Victorian buildings. Some of these have fallen into disuse and neglect and many storerooms and such like are hardly ever visited…..all no doubt perfect habitat for invertebrates associated with buildings! I found mine in the bottom of a bone china bowl in a little-used storeroom on 16.2.2004. It’s hard to say how long it had been there, one antenna and three legs were missing, no other dead invertebrates were in the bowl. I have the specimen mounted and labelled here in my collection. It would be interesting to know of any other Worcestershire records.


Common Lizard. Lacerta viviparia (Lacertidae). I found a juvenile hibernating in a rotting Black Poplar log whilst searching for beetles at Castlemorton Common on 7.12.2003. My first record from this part of the county.


Stonechat. Saxicola torquata (Turdidae). A pair were present by the river Avon, Nafford & Gwen Finch reserve from November 2003 through to January 2004. A pair were seen at Castlemorton Common on 28.12.2003.

Chiffchaff. Phylloscopus collybita (Sylviidae). One was seen at Nafford island on 30.11.2003.

With grateful thanks to Mr. Paul F.Whitehead for his expertise and assistance.

Price, J. M. 1997. A Provisional Atlas of the True Bugs of Warwickshire. Warwickshire Museum Service.
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