Recorder 2000

By John Partridge

Recorder 2000 is now available, and a number of copies are around in the county. I have done a little experimentation with it, including transferring some files from the existing Recorder 3.3 database. It works, although there are still many features to be sorted out, by me and the programmers.

The hope is that all the major providers of Biological Records in the county will eventually have their own copy, so that they can use it to record their own observations, which will be forever tagged with their source number wherever they go, and they can then pass these records on to the WBRC.

If the system is to work effectively, then each copy used in the county will need to be provided with a basic structure of sites, otherwise these will get replicate every time someone new starts supplying records. Unfortunately the site structure is not obvious, and I hope that those playing with the new system will be able to help in making the decision.

To this end I would like more people to purchase a copy, and probably to have a chunk of the WBRC data so that they can see the possibilities. If you are interested, I can obtain copies at only 10 each. Not surprisingly, no-one is offering support at these prices, and you will have to put up with what limited advice I am able to provide.

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