Buzzard Stories

Ravens at crow’s nest previously attacked by buzzards

Craig Wright

On 27th February 2012 Craig Wright of Pershore wrote:

Forgot to say that further to the incident I mentioned to you some time back about the Buzzard making off with a Carrion Crow chick from a nest in the top of my garden Leylandii. I had another incident the other morning just after first light but this time it was Ravens and the Carrion Crows. An almighty racket awoke me from my slumber and as I peered out the window I could see a pair of Ravens perched in the leyandii "gronking" and the two Crows buzzing and diving at them to drive them off, which they eventually succeeded in doing. Can't imagine the Ravens were checking the tree for their nest site and I don't think the crows have started nesting yet. Anyway another garden tick none the less!



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